Yesterday's blog focused on lockable coat hangers, cafe blankets, and lots of lounge chairs.  Today's post addresses the needs of people with children and fur-babies.

Children's Play Areas


I know this is not a Scandinavian invention, but children's play spaces seem to be a priority there.  Kids weren't crying and restless on the long train ride we took; probably because they were having a ball in the specially designated "family" train car! The little ones were climbing, playing, and engaging while their parents were in nearby seats keeping their eyes on the young ones.  And passing time on their devices.  I noticed separate play areas for kids at airports, restaurants, and tourist attractions in both Norway and Denmark.  Now I understand why Scandinavian company IKEA has Children's Play Areas in most of their stores.

Dog Dens on the Street. 


Temperature controlled dog crates keep dogs safe while their humans are running errands or having a meal.  What a great solution for dog lovers who like to take their pets with them!  I think this is a lot better than tying a leash to a street sign or leaving Fido in a hot car.  I did a quick online search and we may start to see similar dog dens in the Northeast USA.  There's a company called DogSpot that has set up in New York.  What do you think about these "sidewalk sanctuaries?" Would you like to see them at the Jersey Shore?  They're meant to be used for short term outings, not to replace doggie day care.




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