One of the realities of living at the Jersey Shore is the fact that if you want to fly somewhere, you're going to have to spend at least an hour getting to an airport.

But today, a low cost airline announced that they'll be expanding their flights from one of New Jersey's small regional airports.

For the most part, if you're going somewhere by air you'll have to get yourself to Newark or Philadelphia International Airports (if you're flying out of JFK or LaGuardia, good luck to you!).

Not only do you have to get yourself to the major airports in the first place, but once you're there you have to navigate a pair of the country's biggest and busiest airports.

But, if you don't mind smaller schedules and no-frills service, Atlantic City and Trenton-Mercer Airports are decent options.

Spirit Airlines operates a number of routes out of Atlantic City, including to a bunch of destinations in Florida, a few vacation destinations in the Caribbean, and a handful of spots in the west (like Dallas and Las Vegas).

Frontier Airlines flies out of Trenton-Mercer Airport, and offers stops in the south, like Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, and a few Florida destinations.

Today, Frontier announced that they'll be expanding the number and frequency of their routes out of Trenton-Mercer.

Both airports are small, easy to get around in, and really easy to get to from Ocean County.

Atlantic City International Airport is literally a straight shot down the Garden State Parkway and just one exit from there off the Atlantic City Expressway.

Trenton-Mercer Airport is straight out I-195.

You have to go into it knowing that you're not going to get white glove service, your own sleeping pod, or hours of seat-back entertainment on either airline.

But you will get cheap fares on short flights to popular vacation destinations and, if you ask me, the best part is the convenience of not having to get to and navigate through our region's mega-airports.

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