I'm never going to hear the end of this...

My co-host, Lou is always on top of these things...he informs me that today is "National Clean Out Your Fridge Day" and he was wondering what kind of fridge I kept.  He took it a step further and had my daughter send in a pic of our fridge and I feel pretty busted...

You know the show MTV Cribs?  They always looked inside the homeowner's fridge because it says a lot about a person. I love to see what people eat and drink...those choices interest me for some reason. Also, the way someone keeps their fridge also says something.

So unannounced, Lou had my daughter Bella  snap a photo of our fridge before school and text it to him. Yep, I'm busted...for being totally compulsive. Here it is...

Photo credit: Shannon's daughter, Bella as she busts her Mom on National Clean Your Fridge Day

Sadly, the worst part is not being outed for my hyper-compulsive tendencies, it's the one Yoplait yogurt that is not fully facing outward that is driving me insane! No doubt my daughter, Bella, did that for my own good. LOL!

How often do you guys clean your fridge?  Am I alone on an island or does anyone else have a fridge like this? Please say I have a spirit animal out there! Email me your pics to Shannon@943thepoint.com.

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