Ocean County we have another 30 days of social distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19.

business handshake
kzenon, ThinkStock

I saw this question on Twitter and I thought, this is perfect. In this time of distancing from others, I miss a hug from my Mom the most. I miss not being able to visit with her. I will never take this for granted again. I miss the fact I used to get into the car and go to the mall, movie theater, and our favorite Hibachi place. I will never take for granted hand sanitizer again or toilet paper. I will never take for granted just going to a store and not stripping down and showering after I get home.

I will never take for granted again a hug from a stranger or a friend and reaching out for a hand shake and some sort of human touch.

Name ONE thing you will never take for granted again.

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