Jersey Shore Outlets are always while shopping with your kids or maybe Mom, some new additions are coming to Monmouth County.

If your kids are anything like my daughter, then you could live at the Outlets. We are there a lot. I always feel there's something new and different when I shop there.

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Recently, thanks to, I learned they are getting ready to add five brand-new stores to the Jersey Shore Outlets.

puhhha, Getty Images
puhhha, Getty Images

Some of my favorites at the outlets are PACSUN, Adidas, Bath & Body Works, Gap Outlet, and so many more.

Thanks to, Michele Baboomian, director of marketing and business development at Jersey Shore Premium Outlets said:

People love to touch, feel and try on products before they buy them, and our new retailers provide locals and visitors alike a wider selection of recognizable and ‘new-to-me’ brands to experience.

What are the 5 new stores coming to Jersey Shore Premium Outlets in Tinton Falls?


*Lovisa (jewelry)

*Windsor Fashion (women's clothing)

*Under Armour Factory House

*VellaPais (men's shoes)

There are some Grand Opening dates for these stores. Some are sooner than others and some are in the summer. Under Armor is scheduled to open in May and Spencer's Grand Opening is set for July.

If you head to Jersey Shore Outlets online, it's your chance to win the ultimate shopping getaway. How cool would that be? It's in celebration of National Outlet Shopping Day in June. Click here for your chance.

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