MONROE TOWNSHIP (Middlesex) — Students in this district have been told to delete a leading teen-focused social app from their personal devices, as an investigation continues into the posting of racially charged threats and other remarks in the forum.

Screenshots of the After School app, provided by a parent to, show incendiary comments such as "I hate every single person at this school except for a special few," "Bring in a Gun," "Can someone just get the SWAT Team to come in and round up all the Negros (sic)," and "Send them all back to Africa."

Both the Monroe School District business administrator and the principal of Monroe High School indicated a police report was being filed. According to the principal, the offensive content was posted from a personal device accessed outside the high school's wifi network.

After School, which launched in November 2014, has quickly grown into the largest teen-centric social network in the United States, according to the report, and is available in 85 percent of the nation's high schools.

A spokesman for the app, quoted in the report, said the comments threatening Monroe have been deleted in accordance with the company's zero-tolerance policy on cyberbullying.

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