For the first five years I had a Mommy Blog about my daughter Abby’s life and what it was like for me as a first time Mommy.  Now she’s a 10-year old diva and I’ve decided to bring back the Mommy blog. Her life and what she does is just so funny, it’s too funny not to talk about or write about!  It’s time to share our adventures with you again.  Wow, I can't believe she's 10 already.  

I don't like taking off of work and at the last second you find out you don't have a babysitter for the next day.  It happened to me last night, it was too late to call and see if other great "Moms and Dads" could help me out.  My schedule is weird though, I have to drop Abby off at 4:30 in the morning.  Yikes that's early for almost every family.  So I took the day off today.  I was going to bring her in to the studio, especially if we had a lot of snow.  She usually makes a little bed behind my chair and goes back to sleep, if there was a 2 hour delay or school was closed I would have brought her in.

Here's the deal, the guilt I feel for taking the day off is tremendous.  I'm not someone that likes to take off just to take off.  I realize if Abs is sick, that's a whole other story.  But today I feel like I'm totally playing hookie.  Thank goodness for my partner in the morning Shawn Michaels for understanding and our boss is very cool when it comes to our families, so I'm very, very lucky.

I guess the guilt never really goes away.  The guilt of taking the day off, the guilt of not being home in the mornings with Abs, the guilt..maybe it's just what we feel.  If you have the day off today...come on over for a mimosa and we'll feel guilty together.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing better than being able to eat breakfast with Abby and get her ready for school and honestly I will enjoy it, but I really should be at work.

Here's to you fantastic Moms and Dads out there!