I hate this day. The terror attacks took my dear friend's brother and so many other lives so I just hate September 11th.  Sometimes when I think of 2001, it seems like a distant memory.  But today, it's feeling like it was just yesterday.  Maybe because I was just going through some papers I had saved from that period.  I looked at the pink sheets that were given to my friend and me when we went to a resource center for victim's family members.  Headings included: "Critical Incident Stress Overview," "Long Term Traumatic Stress Reactions," "How Children May React to Trauma."  I remember feeling grateful that supportive people were there for my friend and all the other familes.  But I also felt soooooooooo sad.   And scared.

Speaking of being scared, I just read about a woman who wrote a book about living through the attacks that happened when she was just twelve.  In this Readers Digest piece, she answers the questions young people often ask her.

Among the group's suggestions:  "For each of the six moments of silence observed on 9/11, we are asking Americans and others to not post anything posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat for 60 seconds, except a single post #momentofsilence and #911day each time."

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