You know that word "bling?"  I never use it.  I hardly wear jewelry.  My wardrobe is mostly solid colors.  You might even call it plain.  So when I found out that the theme for Camp GLP would be "Sparkle," I didn't quite know what to expect.

I quickly got caught up in the glittery atmosphere.  Not only did I get glitter painted on my arm but I got a sparkly tattoo!  Okay, it's only a temporary tattoo but it's my new favorite thing.  I'm going to order some so I can sparkle next week when this one wears off.  It says, "Breathe."  A great reminder when things start to feel stressful!  I love where I decided to put it; on top of my foot.  I see the inspirational word every time I look down.  And the fact that it's gold and shiny?  Well that makes me smile.

The glittery painting on my arm is of flowers. 


One is purple, one is red, and one is blue.  They are connected by green stems.  They remind me that this camp weekend was about personal growth.  And the bright colors make me smile when I look at them.


So consider me a reformed Plain Jane.  I'm going to add a little sparkle to my life!

Two questions for you today:   Do you have a meaningful word tattooed on you and if so, what is it?  And what is your favorite sparkly thing you wear?

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