Like many of you I am tired this morning and will have to struggle through the day on about 4 ½ hours of sleep.

Of course some of you won’t have that problem because you either took the day off or called out sick with that mysterious Mahomes virus due to a combination of nachos, wings, beer and if you’re a Chiefs fan maybe even some champagne.

Yes Kansas City ended a five decade drought by winning their first Super Bowl since 1970 when tickets were $15 and Carol Channing was the halftime entertainment. Patrick Mahomes was not at his best until it counted the most as KC scored 21 points in the final 6-plus minutes to rally for a 31-20 victory over San Francisco which earned the 24-year old a trip to Disney World as the MVP and 61-year old head coach Andy Reid an orange Gatorade bath.

While this was not an all-time classic it was a pretty entertaining game and for a good portion it appeared the 49ers were on their way to a record-tying sixth Super Bowl victory as they led 20-10 midway through the fourth quarter before the Chiefs turned things around.

Of course the Super Bowl is different things to different people and if you were on Twitter there was as much talk about the halftime show as there was the game for a good portion of the night.  50-year old Jennifer Lopez and 43-year old Shakira rocked the South Florida stage with a high-energy performance which many felt was the best halftime show in years although some watching with their children though it was a bit over the top. You can decide for yourself.  I liked it!

As for the commercials which no longer really come as a surprise because most are released before the game the question for me is do you remember the product today because it you don’t than it wasn’t really that effective.

I loved the Hyundai “Smaht Pahk” commercial with the Boston twist and also the Jeep “Groundhog Day” spot with Bill Murray which made sense because yesterday was Groundhog Day.

I also give two-thumbs up for the Amazon Alexa commercial with Ellen DeGeneres, the T-Mobile one with Anthony Anderson and his real mom and the touching Google commercial with a man remembering his late wife.

That’s it for me…I need a nap.

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