Memorial Day Weekend has been pretty much a crapshoot in recent years when it comes to the weather and for the second straight year the shore rolled a “12” and this might have been the all-time “crap out.”  Not only did it rain for much of the weekend but it was cold with many resorting to winter clothes and having to turn their heat on just days after cranking up their air conditioners.

However if you are one of those who believes the glass is always half-full then the saving grace was that it did clear on Monday which allowed the many Memorial Day festivities to take place so towns and organizations could pay tribute to those who lost their lives in service to our country.  Plus around 7 o’clock last night it was beautiful….way too late for those who saw their outdoor plans dashed on Saturday and Sunday.

I had a four-day weekend and of course was hoping to spend a good portion of that on the beach but “Plan B” wasn’t bad.  I slept more than I had in a while, made a long-awaited return to the gym now that the mask mandate was lifted and made an overnight trip to see our grandson in Waldwick (Bergen County).  Carter turns 2 next Monday and he is developing a strong personality that grows each time we see him…which we will again in a couple of weeks.

Looking to kill some time on Saturday we watched the final season of “The Kominsky Method” on Netflix.  This third and final season is made up of just six 25-minute episodes and once again Michael Douglas is brilliant as acting coach Sandy Kominsky.  The writing is superb and I give it “two thumbs up” as one of my favorite comedy-dramas in recent years.

Also, if you are a fan of “Friends” then the reunion show on HBO Max is well worth watching.

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