Mary Lee has found her way back to the Jersey Shore.

Mary Lee the Great White Shark as a tracking device is place on her fin (OCEARCH)

The pregnant Great White Shark, which was tagged and tracked by the group OCEARCH, made her way up the New Jersey coast last week. Mary Lee continued north and then headed east off Long Island and was presumed headed for Massachusetts to deliver.

But she had a change of heart midweek, headed back south and was just east of Harvey Cedars on Long Beach Island in her last ping from her tracking device on Thursday afternoon.

Harvey Cedars Police tweeted Mary Lee asking if she was spending Memorial Day weekend in LBI. "Why? Is there a warrant out for my arrest or something? I think I paid those parking tickets," she replied on her own Twitter account, @MaryLeeShark, which has 43,000 followers.

The group gets a ping from the 3,500-pound shark every time her dorsal fin surfaces. She has traveled 38,000 miles in the past 24 hours and 185,708 miles in the last 72 hours.