Three Jersey Shore towns are all asking the same thing of their residents after cars were either robbed or stolen this past weekend...lock your cars and bring the keys inside.

Marlboro Police join Brick and Wall authorities in pleading the public to lock their cars after the latest string of incidents at the Jersey Shore.

This past weekend in Marlboro police say two cars were stolen and seven were robbed.

All the cars had their key fobs in them and/or unlocked.

This led to Marlboro Mayor Jon Hornik and Police Chief Bruce Hall writing letters to residents reminding them about the dangers of leaving your cars unlocked with the keys inside and ways on how to keep them safe.

"We live in a safe community, but all surrounding towns are targets. Please take precautions. We remind you that you should never leave your fob in the car, even if it is in the garage.

Do not leave your car unlocked in the driveway as a thief can not only rob your car but also open your garage, gaining access to your other car and the house itself. Do not leave items of value in the car."

You can read the letters from Mayor Hornik and Chief Hall on the townships website.

The Marlboro car burglaries following recent incidents in Brick and Wall but others from earlier in 2018 across the Jersey Shore.

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