A Manchester man who dealt a lethal concoction of heroin and fentanyl to another township resident who later overdosed and died has now plead guilty to Manslaughter.

In addition to Manslaughter, Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley D. Billhimer announced that 33-year-old Dandre Tubbs also pled guilty to Distribution of Fentanyl for causing the death of a 35 year-old man in Manchester.

He also plead guilty to an unrelated charge of Possession of Fentanyl with Intent to Distribute which he's looking at four-years in prison for that plea.

Prosecutor Billhimer said that the state will be looking to sentence Tubbs to seven-years in prison for Manslaughter and seven-years for Distribution of Fentanyl, but all three sentences would be served at the same time.

Manchester Police found a man unresponsive on August 16, 2021, and learned that he was DOA from an apparent drug overdose.

The Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office Major Crime Unit and Manchester Police Detective's investigated the death and learned that Tubbs supplied fentanyl to the victim the day before he died and an ensuing toxicology report confirmed the presence of fentanyl in the man's system which led the Ocean County Medical Examiner’s Office to rule that as the cause of his death.

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Tubbs was arrested Manchester Police a day later during a motor vehicle stop and later charged.

He has been in the Ocean County Jail ever since later being indicted by a Grand Jury in October of 2021.

Tubbs has a criminal history rooted in the drug business.

In 2017, he was found with a Forked River woman with 46-bags of Heroin, two-grams of Crack, and a baseball bat in a vehicle near Crestwood Village in Manchester.

Prosecutor Billhimer also announced that Ocean County Senior Assistant Prosecutor Kristin Pressman and Ocean County Assistant Prosecutor Victoria Veni are handling the case on behalf of the State.

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