Have you heard of Salty Paws?

It's the first and only ice cream shop for dogs in New Jersey. There's one in Stone Harbor, NJ.

Salty Paws is a dog's paradise of deliciousness. There are several in Virginia and other places and now New Jersey. But, we need one here in Ocean County.

Salty Paws ice cream is lactose-free and of course dog friendly. Just imagine your four-legged best friend walking into Salty Paws smelling their flavors. Check out these flavors that every dog would love. My dogs would go wild. Maple Bacon, Vanilla, Pumpkin, Blueberry, and Peanut Butter just to name a couple of the flavors.

Mainly an ice cream shop for dogs, they also have bakery items and birthday parties for your doggies. From the look of different pictures I've seen, it looks like a "human" ice cream shop. There are small and medium sizes of cups and they scoop the ice cream for your wagging best friend.

Not only do they have cups of ice cream, but they also have cones and waffles cones, it's just so crazy fun. I can't wait to take my dogs. It's a bit of a drive to Stone Harbor, that's why we need one here in Ocean County. Dog lovers unite, this is perfect.

You know how we love the sprinkles on top of our ice cream, well....guess what? There's a certain kind of sprinkles for dogs that our little loves will love - from dehydrated chicken to sweet potato fries sprinkled on top of their ice cream, or something from their doggie bakery.

For more information about Salty Paws in Stone Harbor, click here.

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