Bitsy is a spunky little 8 month old kitten that had a home since kitten-hood, but was turned in due to her owner's allergies.

Popcorn Park Zoo
Here's a little information on Bitsy thanks to the Popcorn Park Zoo:
Little Bitsy was scared and confused when she arrived but with lots of attention and TLC, she's come out of her shell and is eager to meet her next family. Bitsy takes a little time to get to know you but all you need to do is play with her and she's your best friend. Bitsy loves to play.  She's all about toys and will toss them around all day if you let her.  She tends to play a little rough and though she never means to hurt you, a home with no young kids is best.  She would love a home where she'll have time to settle in, get lots of attention and playtime, and maybe even have a feline friend to goof around with.  She'll be your best little buddy forever if you give her the chance. 
Call 609-693-1900 or email: for an appointment to meet Bitsy.
*The Popcorn Park Zoo is closed due to Covid-19, but adoptions are always available, call ahead to meet your next four legged friend. 609-693-1900*
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