Every town in Ocean County is doing great things to show-off their neighbors in their township.

Christmas Tree Lights

Lacey Township is no different. They have a great contest going on "Lacey in Lights" and here's the list of Lacey Township residents that are a part of it.

Hop in your car with the family and have fun, here's your Lacey Township Christmas lights list:

North Side of the Lakes:

900 Gary Smith Way Unit 5201

907 Devon St.

907 Tappan St.

833 Windsor St.

818 Chelsea St.

641 Alpine St.

CLICK HERE for more on the list.

South Side of the Lakes:

1219 Taylor Lane

1218 Sylvania Ave.

1240 Clearview St.

1443 F St.

1421 Kay St.

1505 Beverly Rd.

1728 Serpentine Dr.

1705 Serpentine Dr.

CLICK HERE for more on the list.


511 Nautilus Blvd.

805 Bowline Dr.

239 Juniper Ln.

242 Juniper Ln.

Cranberry Hill:

325 Raymond Rd.

426 Adolphus St.

420 Wynnewood Rd.

400 Steuben Ave.

433 Carr St.

505 Crosswick Ave.

427 Lake Barnegat Dr. N.

444 Lake Barnegat Dr. N.

400 Continental St.

Laurel Blvd. / Bay Way:

753 N. Oak Rd.

768 Briar Rd.

203 Lawrence Dr.

109 Clairmore Ave.

308 Sinclair Ave.

603 Pine St.

1015 E. Hickory Dr.

437 Sycamore Dr.

727 Spruce Rd.

26 Laurel Blvd.

Beach Blvd.:

117 Seabright Rd.

205 Seabright Rd.

704 Buena Vista Rd.

698 Fairview Ln.

1315 Beach Blvd.

2 Orlando Circle

916 Clubhouse Dr.

Enos Area:

126 E. Lacey Rd.

1 Thropp Rd.

Manchester / Western:

17 Jacqueline Ct.

21 Haines St.

560 Lanlac Dr.

557 Cottontail Ln.

127 Heatherington Ct.

117 Heatherington Ct.

759 Grove St.

751 Grove St.

210 Pheasant Hollow Dr.

716 Princeton Rd.

726 Oxford Rd.

Thank you to the Lacey Recreation Facebook Page for the list. CLICK HERE for the complete list. Set your map up and have fun seeing all of the Christmas lights in Lacey Township. By the way, my family and I did the tour this past weekend, WAY TO GO LACEY your houses look so beautiful.

Sue Moll
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