Even though Solar Energy is an option, you don't see Garden State residents standing in line to place solar panels on their roofs. However, one Southern Ocean County couple says it's the best thing they did.

Little Egg Harbor resident John DiGiuseppe became New Jersey Resources Clean Energy Ventures' 1000th Solar Lease Customer by placing an 8.64 kilowatt system on their house. The system is expected to produce 10,600 kW hours per year or the equivalent of about 95 percent of their current electric usage. "We have like, 39 to 40 solar panels on the side of the roof. It does the job."

DiGiuseppe says they had used all electricity in their house for nearly 20 years until they switched to gas heat last year. He says they typically averaged bills of $200 dollars a month until one very cold winter two years ago when they received a bill for $800 for one month. "We decided that was entirely too expensive and we had to do something about it and we did."

DiGiuseppe says after placing solar panels on their roof they're seeing huge savings in electricity. He says when he first got his new bill he thought something was wrong. He says he wanted to call and say "are you sure about this bill? because it's very reasonable. It's like $2.50 cents a month."

However, as part of the Solar Lease program, the DiGiuseppe household still has to pay a 15-year fixed monthly lease cost of $92 for the panels, installation and maintenance. He says AllSeason Solar of Galloway worked with NJRCEV, a subsidiary of New Jersey Resources to design his roof-top solar system.

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