Great news, Chowderfest is not canceled this year, but it will be a little bit different because of Covid-19.


Chowderfest 2020 will look a little different this year. It's so important to keep Chowderfest to support local restaurants and retailers. There will be a lot of features this year, including a Chowderfest including restaurants serving up dine and take home options as well as an online voting component, Chowder Virtual Run, social media and pop up surprises.

“The importance of the event cannot be underestimated” states Chamber President Christopher Schwab, Anderson Insurance Agency. “This will bring Merchants and Restaurants the end of season attention as well as give everyone an enjoyable way to support local businesses”.

Something different from other years, a full month of Chowderfest. It allows customers that love Chowderfest enjoy multiple restaurants, avoiding overcrowding of restricted space, and submitting their votes when they are sure of their choice. It's a great idea, when tasting the different chowders you can take your time and make sure your selection is the perfect one.

ChowderMonth begins September 5th, 2020 and runs through October 4th, 2020. Starting September 5th patrons begin purchasing Chowder cups, pints and quarts to taste so they can create a “Chowderfest at Your House” event with online voting.

Each voter can register for free and will receive the Chowderfest Virtual Information Packet. There will be more information on this awesome event coming out in the next couple of weeks and to register, click here.

Chowderfest is an event I look forward to every year. I love the way LBI and surrounding communities come together to "show-off" their chowder and it is the best chowder you'll find anywhere with our local restaurants. This year might be different, but it's still taste-testing, voting for your favorite, and "still" a way to help local businesses.

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Sue Moll
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