It's been a tough time for everyone especially Volunteer Fire Companies that depend on fundraisers to keep them going. We need them in our community and Lanoka Harbor Volunteer Fire Company #1 needs our help.

Lanoka Harbor Volunteer Fire Company #1 recently wrote in their Facebook page that they need some help:

As many of you know, the Lanoka Harbor Fire Company is a 100% VOLUNTEER organization. This means that we do not bill for services and heavily rely on donations from our residents. The year 2020 has been extremely difficult on all of us, including those that we protect. We have had to cancel many of our fund drives, which directly aid us in offsetting costs. We are forever grateful for all of the selfless donations that you have all provided over the years. We are once again asking for your help in keeping this great organization the best that it can be! 

On behalf of the Officers and membership of the "Fighting 61st", we appreciable all of you and look forward to providing you the highest level of service!

Ed Barker, President
Jack Conaty, Chief

If you would like to make a donation to help this awesome fire company out, a tax-deductible donation, please make a PayPal to

We've been to so many "Breakfasts with Santa" and other special breakfasts at the firehouse in Lanoka Harbor and it's always fun. They're all great people and imagine if the Volunteer Fire Company wasn't there for us and the community. We thank them for everything they do for us. Let's help out Lanoka Harbor Volunteer Fire Company #1. Remember, make a Paypal payment to, we need them.

Sue Moll
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