It's not Fast and the Furious, but if you've ever wanted to see how fast the engine on your car goes, then this coming Sunday is your limited chance to do so legally at Atco Raceway.

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'Keep it at the track and off the streets' is the name of the event, run in partnership by Riccardi Racing LLC., Downs Ford Motorsport and the Toms River Police Department.

So if you've done some work to your car and want to test it out, this is the place to do so.

"Obviously we don't want people racing on the street," said Toms River Police Chief Mitch Little. "So let's try and promote...'bring it to the track, save it for the track and keep it off the streets'."

Little adds there are other racetracks that open during the warmer months and usually close around November, like the track in Englishtown.

"They do have open race space where you can bring your own street-car," said Little. "I've seen people go out there in mini-vans."

But Little says the message to all remains the same.

"Fix up your car, do whatever you want to do to it, but please don't race on the street," said Little. "Please bring it to a track when they have open race days and enjoy your car there."

Over 130 cars are already signed up to race on Sunday morning, and Rick Riccardi, owner of Riccardi racing says it's a 48-mile police-escorted cruise leaving Downs Ford around 9 am.

Once there he explains, "We're actually going to have a moment of silence in honor of Blake Hamilton, who was actually killed in a car wreck," Riccardi explains. "We're trying to help promote kids to stay off the street and do it where it's legal and safer."

Riccardi adds there are some restrictions for safety already in place for the upcoming event.

"You need to be of legal age to drive," said Riccardi. "You have to have a helmet and go through a checkpoint when you get to the racetrack."

They have tech inspectors on site, he adds, to make sure your car is legal.

So if you're a car enthusiast or enjoy the sound of the engine revving up, than maybe Sunday's event is for you.

"We're asking anybody that wants to participate to contact Downs Ford and Rick Riccardi,  and let him know that you're coming so that we have a count," said Little.

For more information on this event including start times and sign up info click on this link.

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