We've already discussed how, in recent weeks, travel through Ocean County has been evolving. The Parkway itself is only part of the changes. New traffic pattern are coming to our towns too, including yet another intersection in one of the busiest areas of Brick.

The stretch of Lanes Mill Road from Route 88 to Burnt Tavern Road is one of the most heavily traveled stretches of road in Brick. With a number of shopping plazas, residential areas, and other major roads branching off, Lanes Mill can be a trick to navigate, even outside of rush hour.

Just yesterday I noticed a new addition at the commuter parking area in Dorado Plaza - a new set of lights is going up.

On one hand, it could slow down the notoriously speedy travelers of the area and make it easier to get on and across the road.

But, on the other hand, it could cause the regular backups during busy times to get even worse.

What do you think, will this be a helpful addition to Brick or a nuisance to your daily travels? Let us know what you think below!