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Patriot Mortgage Jersey Shore Baseball League Playoffs

Thursday, July 28 through Thursday, Aug. 4

At Manasquan High School

The 53rd season of the Jersey Shore Basketball League moves into the Playoffs Thursday night at Manasquan High School and in addition to playing at a new venue -- Manasquan is hosting the league for the first time this season -- the JSBL Playoffs have a new format.

With eight teams this season, the JSBL is employing byes and double-byes for its top-four finishers in the regular-season standings. Here is how those played out over the course of the last five weeks.

Click on each team for a closer look at their roster and their season to date.

1. WCT Warriors (6-1)

2. Stern's Trailer (6-1)

3. Sea View Jeep (4-3)

4. RKE Athletic (4-3)

5. Orthopaedic Institute (3-4)

6. Larson Ford (3-4)

7. Sea Shore Auto (1-6)

8. Assistive Choices Inc. (1-6)

Two-way tiebreakers were decided based on head-to-head results and there were ties for each spot in the standings. The WCT Warriors earned the No. 1 seed by virtue of an early win over Stern's Trailer, which was one of six straight wins to open the season for the league's No. 1 seed.

Despite coming in second, Stern's Trailer will benefit from a double-bye, with both Stern's and WCT off until Tuesday's semifinal round. Sea View Jeep and RKE Athletic, meanwhile, will have a bye through Thursday's first round and host the winners of the two opening-round games between Orthopaedic Institute and Assistive Choices Inc. and Larson Ford and Sea Shore Auto.

Here is how the schedule looks for the next week of playoff action.

Thursday, July 28

Opening Round

At Manasquan High School

(5) Orthopaedic Institute vs. (8) Assistive Choices Inc., 7 p.m.

(6) Larson Ford vs. (7) Sea Shore Auto, 9 p.m.


Monday, Aug. 1


At Manasquan High School

(3) Sea View Jeep vs. (6) Larson/(7) Sea Shore winner, 7 p.m.

(4) RKE Athletic vs. (5) Orthopaedic/(8) ACI winner, 9 p.m.


Tuesday, Aug. 2


At Manasquan High School

(1) WCT Warriors vs. (4) RKE/(5) Orthopaedic/(8) ACI, 7 p.m.

(2) Stern's Trailer vs. (3) Sea View/(6) Larson/(7) Sea Shore, 9 p.m.


Wednesday, Aug. 3


At Manasquan High School

8 p.m.


Admission to JSBL games is free and the league is also streaming each game on its YouTube Channel, where you can also watch archived footage. For more information on the JSBL, visit the league's website, jsbl.leaguerepublic.com.


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