Yes, I love this Farmers Market in Brick.

The Brick Farmers Market returns for a special Thanksgiving Market on Saturday, November 20th, 2021.

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With last year's Thanksgiving Farmers Market being a huge success, Mayor Ducey and the Township Council brought back the Thanksgiving Market to give everyone the chance to get ready for Thanksgiving and shopping local.

Brick Farmers Market runs from spring to fall and always has awesome local farmers, producers, crafters, and so many more that provide a variety of fresh produce and products. Farmers markets are a great way for consumers to meet the growers and the artisans while buying fresh and eating local. Farmers markets remind me of community and everyone coming together.

We truly do have the best produce in Ocean County. Farmers Markets are awesome. From the "big" juicy strawberries to the most delicious peaches and tomatoes only found here in Ocean County.

Brick's Thanksgiving Farmers Market will include pumpkin everything, vegetables, and everything you will need for Thanksgiving dinner.

Brick Thanksgiving Farmers Market

Windward Beach

260 Princeton Avenue

Brick, NJ

Saturday, November 20th, 2021

8:30 am - 1:30 pm

The summertime Brick Farmers Market has these vendors that will hopefully be there for this year's Thanksgiving Farmers Market: 502 Baking Company, Bon Nut Butters, Devil Brownies, Green Goddess, Jaker's Pickles, Kauffman Farms, Shore Shake, Toby's Tail, Betsy & Lola's, and so many more.

Head out to Windward Beach in Brick for an awesome day of shopping local and supporting our local farmers. We deserve a wonderful Thanksgiving this year with family and friends. Happy Shopping.

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