I remember when we first played Josh Groban on the air here at WOBM.  I think it was early 2001 when Shawn and I played "You Raise Me Up."  The general consensus was that that guy had an amazing voice, unlike any we had ever played before.  Next thing I remember, Groban was featured on Ally McBeal and then he got more famous and has since become a hugely successful recording artist.  We've gotten to see him act in shows like "The Office" and the movie "Crazy, Stupid, Love."

Fast forward to this year and he is starring on Broadway in "Natasha, Pierre, and The Great Comet of 1812."  The show received 12 Tony Awards Nominations, including one for Groban : Best Actor In a Musical.   With tough competition this year, he did not win, but I can really understand why he was nominated.

I got to see "The Great Comet" on Broadway over the weekend and it was an exciting, entertaining afternoon in the theatre.  The audience is arranged in a way that seems like we're all in a Russian nightclub together.  In fact some audience members are actually seated on stage!  Groban plays accordion and piano while a large ensemble performs among the audience.  I loved seeing them playing their violins and clarinets right in front of me while they danced and sang through the aisles.

If you'd like to see Josh Groban's star turn on Broadway, you should know his final performance is set for July 3rd.  And here's a suggestion if you get a ticket; read a quick summary of the story.  It will help you follow what's happening on stage.  There are a lot of characters to keep track of and everything is sung.  There's just one line of spoken dialogue.

Do I recommend "The Great Comet?" Yes!  Is it unlike any show you've ever seen before?  Probably!  I mean, where else do the actors throw dumplings into the crowd?


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