While most of the state’s Republicans are endorsing Joe Kyrillos in the senate race, there is still some traction in the campaign of Toms River candidate Joe Rullo.


Rullo, who considers himself the “rogue Republican”, is solar energy entrepreneur and former congressional candidate. Though failing to garner support in his native Ocean County, he has received several endorsements from officials in Union County.

GOP Freeholder candidates Stephen Kozlovich and Christopher Nowak as well as Garwood Councilman Jim Mathieu all officially back Rullo. For all of them, their decision to endorse Rullo is as much of a statement of support as it is a condemnation of the practices within their party.


Kozlovich is a firm supporter of Rullo, voting for him at the last GOP conference. He believes the candidate from Toms River would hold a firmer stance against the patronage that occurs within the Republican Party.

“The thing that really aggravates me is that a lot of times, positions have been made and then people have been put into them. They are friends of the higher ups of the party.” Says Kozlovich.

Councilman Mathieu also believes Rullo’s ideas are what’s necessary to end the negative practices within the party.

”I think a lot of times why Republicans lose is when they go ahead and vote just like the Democrats. I think that just feeds into the public’s cynicism and people say ‘hey these guys are just like everybody else, so why bother?”

During his campaign, Joe Rullo has also made a push to court the vote of various Tea Party groups throughout the state. However, Monmouth County conservative Anna Little won the approval from the Tea Party.

Freeholder candidate Christopher Nowak however is a supporter of Rullo, claiming the solar businesses owner has a solid stance on important conservative/libertarian issues.

“He wants to cut the size of government and he’s firmly against the United Nations plan to uphold Agenda 21.”

Though not garnering any official endorsements in Ocean County, several GOP members have given non-official support.

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