For most of us here at the Jersey Shore, the beach is our happy place, but that doesn't mean summer at the Jersey Shore doesn't come with its annual challenges.

Bradley Beach
Bradley Beach (Bud McCormick)

Even at the happiest place on Earth, the beaches of the Jersey Shore, there are things that bother us and fester until we can no longer hold them in anymore. It is at that point that they officially become pet peeves.

So, as the midway point of summer 2022 is upon us, we thought it would be a good time to vent a little bit about the things that are driving us a bit crazy on our beloved beaches.

Aliko Sunawang, Unsplash
Aliko Sunawang, Unsplash

So we compiled a list of the things you told us in person, on social or in any other way you could, that are your top beach pet peeves. We counted them up, and now we present the top 3 vote-getters.

Here they are, your top 3 Beach Pet Peeves.

#3 The Attitude. Most Jersey Shore residents love sharing with the tourists, The problem comes when the tourists think they don't have to share back. Some of the tourists think they own the whole Jersey Shore just because they're here on vacation for a few days.

#2 The Crowding. It's not just the lines at the restaurants, the traffic, and the lack of parking. It's the way some tourists place their beach blanket and stuff inches from yours. How about a little personal beach space?

#1 The Noise. Between the yelling, the frisbee football, and the boom boxes, we locals can't even hear ourselves think. Do I really have to wake up at 5:00 am to hear a seagull?

There were plenty more pet peeves, but those are the top 3. Let's all take a deep breath now and resume enjoying our summer...on our beaches.

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