Residents in Monmouth and Ocean counties age 50 and up are invited to a free event where they can get ask questions about what upgrades that might be needed for their car so riding in it is safer and more comfortable.

CarFit is a FREE interactive and educational program that teaches people how to make their cars fit them better to increase safety and mobility on the roads.

"Much like a tailor would alter your clothes to get you the perfect fit, "CarFit" helps you alter minor adjustments to your car that can give you a better and safer fit in your vehicle," Trauma Injury Prevention Coordinator, Tracey Nerney, at Jersey Shore Trauma Center, said.

At the event you'll be asked some questions about you and your car so staff on site from AAA, AARP and the Trauma Unit can advise you on what necessary adjustments  you can seek to make along with letting them know of any physical impairments you may have such as arthritis or other orthopedic limitations that attribute to the need for improvements.

"We will have occupational therapists at this event that will be able to talk to them about how to best utilize adaptive devices that can help them get in and out of their cars safely," Nerney said. "There could be handles they can use for the door, there could be handles they can use on the steering wheel that can help someone with arthritis to turn the wheel a little safer and there can be swivel seats that can help people get in and out of the car."

There will also be importance stressed on a critical piece of car equipment that may not be being used

"Seat-belts are used to keep the driver properly restrained in the event of a crash," Nerney said. "For drivers that do not use seat-belts because it's not fitting properly or worn correctly, a variety of solutions may be available and we will have some of these on display such as cushions for the seat-belts and extenders. Seat-belts are the single most effective device for preventing death in car crashes, so that's why we want to emphasize to everyone the importance of knowing how to adjust your seat-belts properly."

They can also make adjustments to the car if there are multiple drivers with different needs who use the vehicle.

The CarFit event takes place on Tuesday March 19 from 12:30 to 2:30 pm at Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune and you'll need to park in the Hope Tower Parking Garage.

You have to reserve your spot to participate and can do so by calling 1-800-560-9990 and learn more by visiting

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