Rodents, like rats and mice, are likely going to invade parts of the Jersey Shore because of the aftereffects of Coronavirus, the Center for Disease Control said.

Health officials are warning the public of "unusual or aggressive rodent behavior" that might be extremely hungry because of the stay-at-home orders shutting down restaurants and eateries throughout the state.

There have been multiple reports of rodents turning on each other and resorting to cannibalism because of the lack of food dispersed on streets throughout the country.

This weird and unusual behavior is directly linked to restaurants not being open in key urbanized areas throughout the state, "Community-wide closures have led to a decrease in food available to rodents, especially in dense commercial areas. Some jurisdictions have reported an increase in rodent activity as rodents search for new sources of food," the CDC said.

Contrary to popular belief, rodents do not carry COVID-19 — but they can carry other harmful diseases so homeowners and business owners should take extra precautions if they have an infestation, "Preventive actions include sealing up access into homes and businesses, removing debris and heavy vegetation, keeping garbage in tightly covered bins, and removing pet and bird food from their yards," the CDC concluded.

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