Jackson's legion of volunteers for commitees and advisory boards has swelled to more than 100, says Mayor Mike Reina, since he started the program in 2009. Now, who in town will be the next to step up? Reorganization of boards, committees and councils takes place in January, and he's looking for some new faces.

Jackson Mayor Mike Reina
Jackson Mayor Mike Reina (Jackson Township)

Spots are available on 19 different panels:

  • Senior Citizens Advisory Board
  • Veterans Commission
  • Mayor's Youth Advisory Council
  • Rent Leveling Board
  • Planning Board
  • Zoning Board
  • Economic Development Commission
  • Information Technology and Telecommunications Advisory Board
  • Citizens Budget Advisory Board
  • Going Green Committee
  • Safe Roads Advisory Committee
  • Animal Welfare Committee
  • Private Residential Communities Advisory Board
  • Emergency Medical Services Advisory Board
  • Jackson Pathfinders
  • Environmental Commission
  • Historical Commission
  • Mobile Home Park Advisory Subcommittee
  • Parks and Recreation Commission

The initiative grew from Reina's pledge to create greater transparency in Jackson municipal government. "I continue to believe and support the concept that advisory boards and committees can provide an irreplaceable resource to identify issues and concerns, as well as providing practical advice on how we might resolve those issues in a more pointed manner," he says.  "I want to make sure that these resources are once again available to benefit the residents of Jackson."

Interested? Want to know the qualifications? Send your areas of interest and your background to snovak@jacksontwpnj.net, and include a brief overview of your goals in taking part. Everyone who wants to pursue it is required to submit a Citizen Leadership form. It's available at http://www.jacksontwpnj.net. Get information by phone at 732-928-1200, extension 1211.

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