Of course, we see a ton of outrageous food posts all over the internet, but this one just hits different.

I feel like while I’m scrolling online aimlessly for hours on Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok I always see the best food posts, but they’re never close. That happens to me 99% of the time, but today is that 1%.

I think I may have stumbled upon the most outrageous pizza shops in the area. The post I stumbled across first was this picture. It’s a picture of a stuffed buffalo chicken pizza with garlic knot crust.


Have you ever seen anything like this in your entire life? I haven’t, but we’re lucky because you can get it right at Joe’s Rotisseria in Asbury Park.

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They also have a location in Roselle Park. After I found this massively beautiful buffalo chicken pizza, I had to do some more social media stalking and found out that isn’t the only outrageous food on their menu.


Like, hello? A mac and cheese, cheez-its pizza with garlic knots? This is like carb heaven.

Joe’s Rotisseria has proven to get super creative with all of its menu items and has gained some traction on socials along the way. Joe’s Rotisseria is located in both Asbury Park and Roselle Park, NJ.


If you don’t have plans for your hangover menu this Sunday, consider making the drive to one of their locations because I am positive that’s what I’ll be doing.

Joe’s Rotisseria is located at 547 Westfield Ave W, Roselle Park, NJ, and at 504 Main St, Asbury Park, NJ. What a time to live in Jersey.

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