I know for a fact we have all seen numerous posts about where to get the best burgers, cocktails, pizza, bagels, and more in New Jersey. Everyone always claims their ‘go-to’ spot will absolutely change your life and that you’ll never eat food or get drinks from any other restaurant.

With that being said, I wouldn’t talk up a restaurant if I didn’t think it truly was the best of the best. If you’re a chicken lover, there’s a spot in Central Jersey that you without a doubt cannot pass by.

I personally love all things chicken, it’s my favorite protein. Chicken tenders, chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets, wings, etc. If you’re looking for the best spot in the area for fried chicken, you have to get yourself to Ewing, New Jersey. Blazin J’s is without a doubt a must-try chicken spot that you will be craving every single day.

I’ve been going here for some time now and I swear I never crave Popeyes, Chick-fil-A, or anything else.

Where is Blazin J's in Ewing, New Jersey?

It’s located in Campus Town next to The College of New Jersey and it for sure is the best restaurant in that little off-campus area by far.

The menu is somewhat small, but they have without a doubt mastered their chicken. From chicken sandwiches to tenders, to nuggets and even chickens and waffles, you can customize your meal with different sauces and sides.

Normally I get the Hot Honey sauce, but there are hotter and milder options to choose from as well. If you’re in the Ewing, New Jersey area looking for a fast-casual bite to eat, this is for sure a must-try.

Blazin’ J’s also has locations in Lancaster, PA as well as West Chester, PA. You can get more info on their site, here.

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