There's always one (as the Taylor Swift lyrics 'this is why we can't have nice things' plays in my head). An overenthusiastic and brazen Philadelphia Phillies fan crashed the field during Game 5 of the World Series, and it ended badly.

It was Forest Gump who once spoke the words, 'stupid is as stupid does'.

Perhaps this guy just wanted to create a distraction for himself or fans biting their nails hoping the Phillies would secure a winner to advance their shot at the championship. Perhaps he lost a bet with friends, or drank too much, or wanted to become TikTok famous.

So, there he was, first just standing, and then trotting through the outfield to escape security. He wasn't running too fast, though! He managed a pretty good attempt at scaling the wall in center field before guards grabbed hold of him and tackled him to the ground.

I just never know how people get DOWN there in the first place. Just make a run for it, I guess? In the world we live in now, though, stunts like this aren't always amusing. What if he wasn't just trying to be a wise guy? What if he'd gotten down onto the field of one of the year's biggest sporting events with ill intent? That could be a dangerous scenario.

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The Phillies players, like Kyle Schwarber, just kind of stood there and watched, probably like, 'here comes another one'. Like that game wasn't stressful enough? Lol. Wonder what happened to this dude and what kind of consequences he faced.

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