New Jersey residents have revealed their choices of the best pizza toppings, and the results are in.

If you want a New Jersey resident to warm up to a conversation, make the topic pizza, and in this case specifically pizza toppings.

We asked New Jersey residents to tell us their favorite pizza topping, and after getting your responses on several social media platforms, we are ready to reveal the top 3.

The Top 3 Pizza Toppings In New Jersey

If you voted for sausage, you won the bronze medal. It's the third most popular topping in the Garden State.

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The #2 answer in New Jersey,  extra cheese, was the second most voted-for topping, and it almost took the top spot.

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And the pizza topping that topped the list was the very traditional, very predictable pepperoni. Who doesn't love a great pepperoni pie?

What About Pineapple?

New Jersey is a very traditional pizza kind of place, and the controversial Hawaiin Pie did not do very well in the poll.

Pineapple didn't get even one vote. If you want pineapple in New Jersey, you better order a tropical drink.

I'm not going to lie to you. I'll admit it. I like Hawaiin Pie once in a while. Please don't ban me from your favorite pizzeria.

The Most Surprising Answer In The Survey

We got plenty of votes for meatballs, black olives, and pepper, but the one that surprised us was garlic. It got enough votes to take the #5 spot on the list.

Maybe we have uncovered what that smell is in New Jersey.

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