The official start to the Fall season is just a few days away which means Oktoberfest celebrations are not far behind.

There is one you can try NOW.

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The Melting Pot restaurants across the country have launched something that will make your taste buds dance.

Every Monday through Wednesday from now until October 26th, The Melting Pot restaurants across the country are hosting Oktober FondueFest.

There's cheese, beer and friends. Perfect combo? I think so.

FYI: They can accommodate all sorts of dietary restrictions, gluten-free included!


I was very lucky to personally experience this multi-course extravaganza at The Melting Pot located at 2 Bridge Avenue in Red Bank!

Let me tell you a little bit about it. There are two dining options:

3 Courses: $45 per person - This meal includes Bavarian Beer Cheese Fondue, choice of salad, and Black Forest Chocolate Fondue

4 Courses: $59 per person - Includes same three courses listed above plus a fondue-style entrée with the proteins of your choice.

FYI: Minimum purchase of two required for three- and four-course options. Not valid with any other offer. Valid at participating locations only.

Course One: Cheese Fondue

The first course was probably my favorite.


In the middle of each table, there are burners with various settings. Your server will bring over a large bowl and make the beer cheese dip right there in front of you.

You will be given pretzel bread, braised short rib, sausages, potatoes and carrots to go with it. I gobbleddddd this stuff up. Cheese is a love language in my world.

Course 2: Salad

You pick one of the four salad options. I got the house salad per the server's suggestion and he was right.

Their house balsamic is on POINT and I strongly recommend.

And here is when the wine started to kick in:


Course 3: The Entrée

This course requires some explanation but think fondue combined with dinner.

You get to choose three different types of protein from their long list of options. These get brought out to you seasoned but raw.

I chose the filet mignon, ahi tuna and shrimp.

Another large bowl is brought out, placed on the heaters and the server once again whips up a concoction in front of you.

This time, it is a broth with garlic, beer and other seasonings.

Using skewers, you drop your pieces of protein into the mixture for a few minutes and it comes out cooked, fresh and tender.

Course 4: Chocolate Fondue

This part of the meal is FUN, especially if you love chocolate.

You get an entire bowl of chocolate fondue and along with it comes a spread of strawberries, bananas, waffle and other sugary pairings.


It is the perfect mixture of being served and having a hands-on, unique and memorable dining experience.

I left with the biggest food baby and in need of a nap, I'll say that.

The only Jersey Shore location is The Melting Pot in Red Bank so take a drive and come hungry!

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