Which celebrity do you think is the most spotted celebrity in New Jersey? We asked Garden State residents and here's what they said.

We are used to seeing celebrities in New Jersey because many of them live here, or were born here, so we're used to celebrity sightings.

Some Of The Results Might Surprise You

We were very curious about which celebrity is the one that has gotten spotted the most often over the years in New Jersey, so we asked New Jersey residents to list their celebrity sightings on social media platforms, and the results were surprising.

When we tabulated the results, the name we saw third most often in the voting was Jon Bon Jovi.

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It makes perfect sense, he's from here, her lives here and you can often see him at one of the JBJ Soul Kitchen's two locations.

These Are New Jersey's Top 2 Most Spotted Celebrities

We were a bit surprised about #2 and #1. In second place in the poll was Joe Piscopo. The New Jersey native is always out and about, often for community events.

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And, no the top of the list does not belong to Bruce Springsteen, but it does belong to a guy who played a boss. The late James Gandolfini was the name mentioned most often when we asked to name a celebrity you have spotted in New Jersey.

We all shed a tear at the passing of this beloved actor in 2013 who was the main star of the TV show most associated with the Garden State. Having Gandolfini top this list is a nice tribute to a man who was an awesome actor.

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