It's that time again, every year I do it! It's the New Year and I always keep in check with those restaurants and businesses with the cleanest bathroom.

Now you wonder, "Why, Sue?" Because when you have a child and me at 47 with a bladder of an ant who has to go every half hour....WE need a clean bathroom!

Airport Signs: Men's Bathroom Foreground
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The cleanest bathroom doesn't have to be a restaurant, maybe it's a business or at a boardwalk, arcade, etc. It's tough sometimes because of disgusting business and restaurant bathrooms, that's why this is important to find a really good one, just in case! Maybe it's the way the soap smells or they use hand dryers instead of seeing paper towels everywhere, where's the cleanest bathroom in Ocean County!

Our winners from last year:

Wawa / Hooper Avenue and Rt. 37 in Toms River

TGI Fridays / Hooper Avenue in Toms River

Walmart / Rt 9 in Lanoka Harbor

Will we have a new winner for this year?



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