An effort to save Long Beach Island's historic Surflight Theatre is hitting a roadblock.


Credit: Zoonar
Credit: Zoonar

Ocean Professional Theatre Company Artistic Director Steve Steiner says the bankruptcy trustee in charge of the Beach Haven property has been "incredibly unresponsive" to his group's three offers.  He says the lienholder, TD Bank, has expressed its approval of at least one of the proposals, but the trustee continues to delay.  Steiner says they can't afford to wait.

"We need to be able to get rights and do all the planning," Steiner said.  "We're already months behind in terms of selling advance ticket sales, because we can't put a season forward unless we know we're going to be able to have possession of the theater."

Steiner is asking the community to contact Bankruptcy Trustee John McDonnell and ask him to accept the purchase offer.  You can do that by phone at 732-383-7233 or via email at

Steiner says once the sale is approved, he's ready to hit the ground running.

"I've already got a whole season planned on paper, but we can't put anything out, we can't sell tickets, which means we have no income until something gets accepted,"  Steiner said.

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