This is an amazing story about people just wanting to help out people, I love this.

Thanks to the, I learned about the "Wawa Crew" and Tim Nagy. When the coronavirus hit New Jersey, so many people came together to help and do what they could to do to help local businesses, local restaurants, and local charities.

Tim Nagy and the "Wawa Crew are a group of motorcyclists that you'll possibly see if you go to the Wawa in Lanoka Harbor on Rt. 9 in Lacey Township. Tim helps run the "Wawa Crew" and all they want to do is see people happy. The "Wawa Crew" is about 50 - 100 motorcycles that create drive-by celebrations for birthday parties, sick kids, special needs, veterans, and more. The do not limit themselves when it comes to who deserves a drive-by celebration according to the

Tim Nagy and the "Wawa Crew" also raised money for charities and other rewarding experiences.

Tim says, "We're not limited to certain things. We're pretty much open to anything. The look on people's faces alone is what makes it all worthwhile for me."

The "Wawa Crew" and Tim Nagy hopes to continue this for a while. If you have a special celebration coming up and would love the "crew" to come to make your celebration to make it even more special CLICK HERE. They even have a Facebook page.

I just want to personally say I've seen the "crew" at the Wawa in Lanoka Harbor and now I know how awesome you all are. I think you are all fantastic for reaching out and helping those that really need it, even if it's just a smile. "Thank You" for all you are doing for Ocean County.

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Sue Moll
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