I have a big grass stain on my jeans because I "fell down and went boom!"  In my own backyard!  I had my eyes on my dog when I guess I should have been looking at the ground.  I would have seen a hull that fell from a black walnut tree.  It looks like a tennis ball, only slightly smaller (as you can see in the photo.)  In any case, my foot rolled on it so I lost my balance and landed on the ground.  Ooops!

I don't think I did any damage to my body, thankfully.  My ego is probably the only thing that got bruised in the fall.  I felt a bit silly.

I shared my story with a friend and in an effort to make me feel less embarrassed, she shared how she stepped off a curb, fell, and broke her ankle!  Simple things like walking and stepping off curbs...you think we'd have mastered the art by now!  But it just goes to prove that things can change in a split second.

So today's question:  What's the 'silliest' way or place you've fallen?

And now a public service reminder because it's Fall and there are lots of round things on the ground these days:  Please look where you're walking and be safe out there!

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