Just in case you didn't know, Townsquare Media Jersey Shore operates 94.3 The Point, 92.7 WOBM, Beach Radio 104.1 FM, 105.7 The Hawk, and Shore Sports Network. It wasn't long ago, all five brands hosted a family fun night at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights. It was awesome being out on the boardwalk with my fellow employees, their families, and all of our loyal listeners. We hope to host a similar event in the near future...

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After welcoming the listeners, taking pictures, and chatting, it was time for me to break free. I had my eyes on the big green rollercoaster located at the edge of Casino Pier. As I scanned my surroundings, I saw my co-worker Matt Ryan & our great friend, Tom Hayes, from New Jersey Natural Gas. I asked for them to join me and before you know it we were in line.

Let's cut to the chase... It's safe to say the Hydrus is one of the most underrated rollercoasters in New Jersey. I was sitting in the front row and before I knew it, I was climbing straight up looking at the sky. The anticipation of rounding at the top and going straight down was exhilarating. It might not be the biggest and fastest rollercoaster I've ever been on, but the speed of the coaster came at me fast and hard. Once you hit the drop you are immediately thrown into a loop and then a split second later you are in a corkscrew. After that, you experience sharp turns and barrel rolls before you get to the finish line.

One of the coolest things is having the ocean right in front of you. You feel like you might get tossed into the Atlantic! What other rollercoasters can you think of that have you flipping over the Ocean? The Hydrus is simple yet surprisingly very effective. It's a ton of fun and a great adrenaline rush. It's the perfect beginner rollercoaster, but even for someone who has been on many coasters throughout the country, the Hydrus is one of my favorites. It's a must-ride!

Thank you to Casino Pier for the gracious hospitality and I plan to definitely go on the rides once again this summer. - Jimmy G

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