Ok, so I'll be honest, I can't sit here and tell you a single fool proof way to win the Vacation of a Lifetime. But I can give you some tips to make your chances better!

  • Register For Free

    You know the saying, "you gotta be in it to win it".

    The first step that could lead to you making plans to take a jaunt to Ireland, Jamaica, or New Orleans, is to get entered.

    Of course, as with all of our contests, it's free. So go ahead and click here to get into the running!

  • Be Sure To Listen

    Of course, we'd love for you to listen to WOBM all day every day. But the key times are 9am, Noon, and 5pm during the week.

    We call out a name each of those hours right after Ocean County News. If you're not listening, you might miss hearing your name.

    And here's a pro tip - Thursday is "Bonus Thursday", where we double the number of qualifiers for the day!

  • Call In Right Away

    If you hear your name, we're off to the races! Get back to us as soon as you can at 732-237-WOBM.

    Remember, you have 10 minutes to call us back (and yes, we do have a countdown clock in the studio!). So don't delay, get on the phone as soon as possible!

  • Some Things Not To Do

    Don't enter a bunch of times - Once you enter, your name is in our system and has just as good of a chance of being picked as anyone else's. There's no need to take the time to enter multiple times.

    Don't give up - I know it can get frustrating when it seems like you're hearing every single name in Ocean County except yours. But keep the faith! If you're entered, your name could be the very next one!


  • And Most Importantly...

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