Ugh.  In the last week I've seen people throw trash out their car windows.  A banana peel, and a bunch of cigarette butts from the ashtray.  Every time I see that kind of littering I wonder why someone would do that.  We all know better, don't we?  Don't we know about respecting the environment?

Why couldn't those litterbugs wait until they reached a trash can?

In many states, drivers are encouraged to post the license plate of the offender's car as well as date, time, and location of the littering!  There's a site called that encourages the posting of such details and offers and easy to fill out form to do so. has a whole section about what to do if you spot piles of trash or know of some illegal dumping going on in New Jersey.

What's the solution? Why do you think people still litter?  What do you think would make them stop?

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