The annual montages have made their rounds on social media for the past couple of weeks. There was Facebook's 'Year in Review' earlier this month, and this week you have probably seen friends posting their best 9 photos on Instagram. How do you make one of those collages? It's easy!

Note: If your Instagram account is private the photos will not display. Head on over to or use the Instagram app to adjust your privacy settings if that is the case. The simple instructions are listed here on for how to make those changes.

To make yours, head to It's actually easiest to load the collage on your phone so you can share it to Instagram right away. 2016BestNine is technically a third party app (not directly created by Instagram).

Once you're on the site, enter your Instagram username and press "get."

It my take a few moments for the collage to load so be patient. The site will tell you how many likes your posts had this year. You can share a version displaying how many likes your photo had or you can use the "photo only version." The version leaves out the stats for your 2016 posts.

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Tap and hold on the picture to save it on your phone and it's all ready to be shared on your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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