Now that we've checked all of the boxes to make summer official; it's past Memorial Day weekend, the kids are out of school, and the beaches are open, there are plenty of vacationers visiting Ocean County, but also plenty of locals getting away for vacations of our own.

For most vacations, a week is what people usually take.

When visitors rent a shore house, the week long Monday to Sunday schedule is the norm.

And that's usually just about right for a relaxation style vacation.

But there are some vacations where a week just won't do it. When you're going to a destination to be a tourist and sight see instead of just relaxing, a week goes a whole lot faster.

Especially if you're traveling internationally, you need figure in a whole day at the beginning and end for travel.

If you're going somewhere where there is a lot to see, it's always better to take your time and really get to experience your destination, rather than having to run from site to site checking them off of your list.

So what do you think is the perfect amount of time for different types of vacations? Comment below and chime in!