It's EMS Week so I'm focusing today's blog post on all those people who literally come to the rescue.  They see everything from fires to car crashes to natural disasters.  They work under stressful conditions and often in some very difficult environments.  And what blows my mind is that many emergency workers are volunteers!

I have such respect for everyone in the EMS world.  Thankfully I've never personally required EMS services, but I do recall the ambulance driving through the start of a hurricane to get my father to the hospital.   I'm forever grateful.   It takes a special kind of person to be able to do that kind of fast-paced, life-saving work.  I'm glad there's a week dedicated to recognizing and honoring emergency medical workers.

Let's use this space to give shout outs to EMTs and Paramedics who helped you or your family in a time of need.  Do you recall his or her name or the name of the squad or department they were from?

Those of you who work in the field, thanks!  What are some things you'd like us to know about your job as an EMS worker in Ocean County?


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