Here is a little riddle.

You enter an area anxious, stressed and beyond congested from the allergies.

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When you walk out 45 minutes later, you are calm, relaxed and clear as can be.


Salt; that is how.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I've personally heard of salt water immersion but have you ever been inside a cave filled with 13 tons of salt from Pakistan!?

You can and thanks to, I now know that it is right here at the Jersey Shore.

It is called Himalayan Salt Cave Spa & Float and it is located at 330 US-9, in Englishtown.

Fun fact: Forty five minutes in one of these Himalayan Salt Caves is said to do the same amount of healing as floating in saltwater for 20 hours. Powerful stuff.

To start, these caves are filled with La-Z-Boy chairs. You pop a squat and let the cave work its wonders.

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to, the caves are described as, "low-lit [with] blocks of salt stacked on the walls like bricks. On the floor, there are large granules of the Himalayan salt into which you may submerge your feet, similar to sand on the beach."

A sky of stars is above thanks to a nifty projector to put the cherry on top. A 45 minute session costs $49.00.

You'll love this, parents. There are separate caves for adults and kids.

And just to be clear, Himalayan Salt Cave Spa & Float is not a one-trick pony. They also offer massages, facials, hand & foot treatments, hair removal, flotation therapy and they even have their own sauna.

Google Maps
Google Maps

They also offer salt cave parties (who knew that was a thing) and discounted group rates for large parties.

Second guessing if you're interested? You shouldn't. They have thousands of customers and their clientele is only continuing to grow.

*Slowly raises my hand*...hopefully soon, I will be among them?

Remember: breathe in, breathe out.

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