On Friday mornings show we discussed turkey with our Morning Coffee Question. Thanksgiving is days away and we wanted to know what YOU like, is it white meat or dark meat…a delicious debate!

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Be sure to check out our Morning Coffee Question “Podcast” on our 92.7 WOBM App and if you haven’t be sure to download. During our conversation with you it was evident that “white” meat was the popular choice, but as we find out there are those who do love both.

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According to Google when discussing “turkey” it seems that Americans do prefer white meat. 41% prefer white turkey meat. 17% prefer dark turkey meat and 32 % enjoy both white and dark meat. Also according to Google 7% do not like turkey.

I have to say I prefer white meat, but I do eat some dark. So I guess I’m part of the 32%. To be honest with good gravy and stuffing it’s all good. If you put me on the spot OK pass the white meat plate :)

We thought it would be fun to ask YOU and have YOU take part in our “Talking Turkey” Survey and let us know what you think when it comes to your Thanksgiving dinner. Please vote in our poll below 👇🏻



Whatever your choice is when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner remember to enjoy your time with family, enjoy dinner and let’s hope the Cowboys lose! Lol


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