An Off-duty Long Branch Police Officer is being haled as a hero today after he saved the life of a man in Tinton Falls.

Long Branch Police Chief Jason Roebuck said in a statement that his department got a call from Tinton Falls Police regarding Office Kevin Kuhne who came to the rescue of a man Tuesday who was having a massive heart attack.

The son of the 56-year old victim ran to a neighbor to ask for help and ran into Officer Kuhne who bolted to the home and administered life-saving CPR.

A few minutes later Tinton Falls Police arrived on scene along with First Aid who brought the man to the hospital where immediate surgery was performed.

Tinton Falls Lt. Kyle Pierson spread word that it was Officer Kuhne's immediate actions that saved the male's life.

Long Branch Police Officer Kevin Kuhne. (Long Branch Police Department)

Officer Kuhne had been visiting a friend at the time.

"Officer Kuhne's actions are a direct reflection of the valor he displays each day within the City of Long Branch. The incident has been selected for consideration for a Life Saving Award within the Tinton Falls Police Department," Long Branch Police Chief Jason Roebuck said in a statement.

Officer Kevin Kuhne is the second police officer at the Jersey Shore to come to the immediate rescue of a resident in need.

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