When the National Weather Service sends a message about impending weather, you listen...especially after an earthquake hits the state on a Thursday afternoon with a 2.1 magnitude.  When the radar map looks like THIS, you take heed!

National Weather Service - Mount Holly, New Jersey
National Weather Service - Mount Holly, New Jersey

This is no Hurricane Gloria (old-school reference) but ⬆️ THAT is a lot of rain!  It looks like we could get 2 inches of rain Friday night into Saturday morning.  It's the kind of tally that could cause moderate flooding.  There may be heavy winds too, 20 to 35 MPH.  To our north in New Jersey, the rain may give way to snow showers.

After all this, it is clear to me that we here at the Jersey Shore should expect a white Christmas!  We're due, right?  Wouldn't that be the best way to end this abysmal year?  I mean, ya gotta get some snow to make the most of Santa's visit.  Actually, it looks like we MAY actually get that white Christmas after all.  Here's more.


So, you're telling me there's a chance!  A chance to have a snowball fight with my son.  A chance to sled down a hill.  A chance to take a family photo in front of the house while snowfalls.  After such a dreary, dismal 2020 a white Christmas is what I need.  Maybe what we all need.  I'm going to come back to this article on December 25th, hoping that this wish came true.  I hope you will wish for it too.

PS - Just two months ago Freehold in Monmouth County experienced a 3.1 magnitude earthquake.  Remember that?  Here's the full story.


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